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  1. 10/27/01 Two exciting new bikes have been added to the photo gallery. They are a 198x Schwinn Premis and a 1957 Raleigh made Triumph Torrington Club Racer. Pictures will be added as soon as possible. The brief writeups will be expanded when photos are published. In addition two interesting Raleigh bikes, a Superbe, and a Sprite, and a matched pair of Schwinn World Tourists have been acquired and added to the no photos list.
  2. 07/24/00 I have published a new story entitled; "Old Dependable" in the Articles section. It is a story about a man, his old Raleigh bike and his grandson. I think you will like it.
  3. 06/30/00 A 19?? Hercules racer has been added to the Various Makes Gallery. This is a most interesting example of a club racer type bicycle. I don't know the year this bike was manufactured at this time but it is reputed to be from the 1930's.

  4. 06/17/00 2 new bike pages with photos have been added to the Raleigh made gallery. They are 2 of the bikes recently purchased. The DL-1 was not included since an identical bike is already represented.

  5. 06/05/00 I have just purchased 3 vintage bikes. They are; a 72 Raleigh Sports, a 72 Triumph, and a Raleigh DL-1 Roadster. It will be awhile before I can get pictures and add them to the gallery.

  6. 05/02/00 I have added a Huffy LeGrand page to the Various Makes Gallery. Take a look at it.

  7. 05/04/00 A new article on Raleigh model ranking has been added to the articles and stories page.

  8. 05/33/00 I have finally returned home from almost 7 months in Florida. I can't wait to start the restoration of Jane's 49 Dayton. I have all new or restored goodies ready to mount once the chassis is restored, no small task with all the 2 toning and striping. In addition I bought a new TREK road bike frame in Florida and will be building a bike on it. I am also anxious to ride every bike in my stable as time permits. look in frequently, I'm going to be adding several new photos to the various galleries.

  9. 04/29/00 A couple of bikes have been added to the Various Makes Gallery. They are a newly acquired 1965 Hercules, and a Huffy Bay Point moved in from the No Photos list. Take a look.

  10. 04/09/00 I have added a new article to the Articles Directory entitled,
  11. "MY FLORIDA BIKESHOP". Take a look.

  12. 04/01/00 I have just added new Centurion Iron Man and Motobecane pages to the Various Makes Gallery. Go to the site directory, select the Various Makes Gallery and take a look at them.

  13. 03/10/00 A friend gave me a nice Raleigh Grand Prix he found at a garage sale-one of the tallest bike I have ever seen. After straightening the rear wheel and replacing a broken rear axle, it rides very well. I'm working on a page for it.

  14. 02/18/00 I have added a recently acquired Miami Sun adult tricycle to the various makes photo gallery. Take a look at it.

  15. 01/24/00 I have added a newly acquired 193x HERCULES Racer to the No Photos list. I am quite excited about the Hercules and will post pictures and a full description as soon as possible. CLICK HERE for a complete description of the HERCULES.

  16. 01/04/00 A new article entitled; "The 10 commandments of bicycling" was added. It is very true-to-life and amusing, check it out.

  17. 01/02/00 Check out the article; "The Bicycle". I was finally able to import the image of a 1900 bike to compare it to a modern bike. A small victory over inadequate software.

  18. 01/02/00 I really get tired of having to get rid of banner ads in order to view a page so I took advantage of the new imbed option. The ad still shows but does not overlay any part of the page. Let me know your opinion on this.


    I have two current major projects. One is the restoration of my wife's 1949 Dayton which is shown in the bike gallery. All of the parts have been procured and I just received the headbadge from the restorer. The only plating done was to the tail light body and the fork struts. All other plated parts were purchased new or restored. In addition all soft parts e.g., tires, seat, pedals, and grips were purchased. I had intended to strip and paint the frame and other chassis parts this past summer but due to health problems, was unable to do anything with it. Maybe next summer.

    The second project is to build a bike around a Chinese Forever roadster frame that I got from the "Bike Project" recently. The Forever is a copy of the Raleigh roadster bikes. This is a long wheelbase frame which should make a good cruising bike. It won't be a replica since I am building it from odds and ends from my parts stash, but it will have a S-A 3 speed hub and perhaps a two wheel crank. I am undecided whether to use balloon tires or not.

    In addition to these projects I have purchased a new TREK frame and forks set. I don't have a plan yet.



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