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I started by completely disassembling the bike and bagging all of the parts. Then I began stripping and derusting the frame and forks. If you haven't done this you would be reluctant to believe the amount of rust that exists under good solid paint on these old bikes. After all the paint was removed I applied several applications of Naval Jelly with washings and sandings between the applications. With the frame clean and rust free I filed all the rough edges off around the dropouts and other areas. After an application of Metal Prep the frame was scrubbed with soap and water prior to applying the primer coat.

The first primer coat was applied heavy and wet sanded smooth with number 600 paper. A second light primer coat was applied and rubbed down with 0000 steel wool. Then several coats of GM Ultra Silver were applied and rubbed down with 0000 steel wool. A final clear coat of Candy Apple red was applied to complete the painting. After curing for a week while I cleaned components and gathered together the new parts, the assembly began.

I used the chrome wheels I had built for Boomer for Al's bike since I had built new alloy wheels with a Shimano 7 speed Nexus hub for Boomer's update. A new set of whitewall tires was consistant with the cruiser theme. I installed caliper brakes which required both frame and fork modifications. New bars, grips, brake levers, 3 speed Shimano shifter, pedals, and a chain finished off the list of components.

The project had taken about 2 months during which I had not seen or talked to Al. We invited Al and wife over one late summer evening but didn't mention the bike. As we visited in our family room I could see that Al was curious about what was obviously a bike covered by a sheet. After deflecting his curiosity a couple of time I finally unveiled the bike. He admired it but still didn't know it was his until I turned it so that he could see the chainguard which had a decal declaring that this was a McFall Custom. Needless to say he was elated. Al took the bike to Florida this past season and was very pleased with it.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this bike and I welcome your comments.



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Last revised: 5/28/99