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1972 Triumph

I bought this bike at my favorite bike shop in June of 2000. I had intended buying it in 1999 but bought the green 1972 Sports instead.

This Raleigh look-alike is a very fine bike and rivals the 72 Raleigh Sports in condition and riding qualities. As most Raleigh officianados know, Triumph is a variant of the Raleigh Sports model. this Triumph was manufactured under license by the firm of N.V. Gazelle Rijwielfabriek in Holland which was owned by Raleigh at the time. The differences between the two brands is that the Triumph lacks some of the features of the Sports. This does not mean however that there is any dimunition in quality of the Triumph. Features found on a 1972 Sports that are absent on the Triumph are:

  • Tire pump
  • Self adjusting brakes
  • Raleigh heron plate

Some of the differences are:

  • The Sports has a Brookes leather saddle, the Triumph has a mattress saddle
  • The wheels rims on the Sports are the Raleigh drop center type, the Triumph has narrower plain rims.
  • The Triumph chain guard has 2 mounting points whereas the Sports has 3
  • The Triumph has 2 side reflectors,(which may have been added by the dealer), and a different rear fender reflector
  • The Triumph does not have Raleigh logo pedals
  • The Triumph has wire fender braces, the Raleighs braces are made of wider steel with one flat and one radiused side

In all other respects the the Triumph and Raleigh Sports appear to be the same. As a result the quality of the two models is virtually identical. I hope you enjoyed looking at this Triumph bike and I welcome your comments.




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