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1972 Raleigh Sports

I bought this 23 inch framed Raleigh Sports at my favorite bike shop in October 1999. It is the companion to the ladies green Sports also shown in this gallery. I had intended to buy a black Triumph that I had made an offer on but when I saw this equally fine Raleigh I quickly focused on it. This is the finest Sports I have ever seen. It fairly glitters with newness. The chrome plated parts are as new. There are a few minor scratches on the frame and fenders where you would expect them. It is all original including the Raleigh N.L.T. double white stripe tires, the pedals, the grips, the Brooks B72 saddle, and a frame mounted alloy tire pump. On the outside of the front brake lever is a small round decal containing the letter; "F". I have never seen this before and don't know if there should be an "R" decal on the right hand lever. The levers have a very clever built-in self adjustment device to insure proper braking as the cables stretch and the pads wear. The bike bag contained an owners manual full of technical data and maintenance instructions, an uncompleted warranty card, a large foldout of instructions for assembly, and a combination wrench, all in perfect condition. This bike apparently is exactly as delivered new. Have you ever ridden a new Raleigh Sports? I felt as though it was 1972 again and I was taking a ride on a spanking new bike. Sometimes you just get lucky.

I have another 21 inch green Sports listed in the "no photos list", which followed Ol' Boomer into my collection. I found it at the curb with the garbage. With minimal maintenance it has proved to be a great rider albeit a bit shabby. I love riding the old green Sports and like to think of it as the new Sports grown old, both existing in the same time continuum. To quote Wordsworth; "The child is father of the man". I hope you enjoyed looking at this fine old Raleigh Sports and I welcome your comments.




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Last revised: 10/14/00