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Palmetto, Florida
Christmas 1999


1999 has been good to our family. Jane and I are holding our own against the passage of time and we are one more. Our Susie and her husband Tony gave us our first grandchild Michael Antony Bautista on May 13th.

We left our Florida home for NY in mid April intending to return for the birth in mid june. At 6:00 AM on May 10th Susie called from the hospital to tell us that we should come immediately. There was no problem, the little fellow was just anxious to join our family. We managed to get underway by afternoon, arriving in W. Palm Beach on the 12th. In spite of the fact that Susie's water had broken, her labor did not start and so was induced on the morning of the 13th.

I have to admit of an antipathy to being present at a birthing. I had said I would take the traditional male approach to the event by "going to the barn" until it was all over but Susie wanted a video of the birth and I was the only person available who had no assignment. In retrospect I am thankful for being there. Little Michael joined us at 6:00 PM after a normal birth. Due to his early arrival and birth weight of 5 lbs. 10 oz. mother and baby were kept in the hospital for 5 days before going home.

Little Michael is probably one of the few babies attending their own baby shower which had been scheduled on May 20th. He was a big hit. At that time however it was apparent that all was not well since he had lost weight and was lethargic. This necessitated a return to the hospital for another 5 days of tests and intravenous feeding. Ultimatel the problem was indentified and taken care of. After leaving the hospital Michael began to thrive and soon became a chubby, happy baby. We stayed for six weeks and then once again returned home.

Late August found us travelling to Indiana. We visited all the relatives but our main activity was to help Jane's mother prepare for a move to a retirement home in Greentown. She has since moved into an apartment and is enjoying all the activities offered. Son Johnny was recently honored by having a painting selected for best of show at the annual Porsche Parade held at Mont Temblant Quebec, Canada. Several hundred art objects were entered. John's painting of a world champion Porsche race car was judged in the professional class, a mistake in classification but a tribute to his talent.

Anxious to see little Michael again we returned to Florida on Nov. 4th for the winter. We are busily getting ready for the holidays and a visit by Jane's mother, sister, and brother-in-law.

Jane and I sincerely wish you health and happiness during the Christmas season and all the years to come.

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