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I bought this grand old Triumph Clubman out of Ebay in October 2001. The description provided by the seller stated that it was clean, complete, essentially original, and authentic in every way. I am no expert on the marque but it appears to be as claimed. Fortunately, the seller lived only 3 hours away by interstate highway. We had no problem finding the sellers street in the center of the very large city. We were surprised to find that the seller's home was on a very narrow cobble stone street of colonial vintage as evidenced by the tracks worn into the cobbles by steel wagon wheels. The street was too narrow for our large van so we parked illegally on a side street. The side walks were narrow and the ancient row houses were as old as the street. After a short conversation with the seller he produced the Triumph which I gladly paid for. I had noticed a bunch of bikes in his house during the brief time the door was open but my request to see them was rebuffed to my disappointment. I walked the bike back to my van and after a harrowing drive back to the interstate, we were soon on the road home. I couldn't keep my eyes off the Triumph's image in the rearview mirror on the way home.

At the first opportunity, I rode the triumph on our town's recently oprned Rail trail. There was almost no traffic on the trail which allowed me to get on the go pedals and really let this old racer have its head. It is fast with taller gearing Than the typical Sports model and the handling requires a little more attention, much like a DL-1. This is my second racer, the other being a hercules from the thirtys. COMPONENTS

Components not listed assumed to be manufactured by Raleigh

  • HUBS

A beautiful Brooks honey brown B 66 saddle

Note the "T" shaped aperture in the fork crown cover.

The toe clips were removed in this photo.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my Triumph Torrington Clubman and I welcome your comments.



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