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Some of the following tips were gleaned from various sources, while some are of my own invention.

  1. Reconnecting a sprocket chain.
    The problem that arises when you re-connect a chain is that the joined links tends to bind, preventing the chain from flexing freely. Some chain breakers are designed to handle this problem.

    My favorite chain tool is the Park compact model. The Park tool is small but very tough. This tool, as well as many others, has two sets of prongs over which the chain roller is placed. To break the chain, place the chain over the set of prongs farthest away from the screw. Then turn the screw clockwise until the pin has been pushed through the side plate nearest the screw, as well as the roller, but not through the far side plate. Here is where the Park tool excels. The Park tool will push the pin only until it is flush with the inside of the far side plate.

    To re-connect the chain, reverse the chain so that the protruding pin faces the screw. Then back the screw out until you can fit the chain over the same set of prongs. Turn the screw clockwise until the pin is centered between the side plates. You will notice that the links just joined are stiff. To remedy this, place the chain over the set of prongs nearest the screw and turn the screw clockwise until it contacts the end of the pin. Now turn the screw just enough to push the far side plate,which is unsupported, until it no longer binds. It will take just a few degrees of screw rotation to accomplish this.

  2. Another chain tip.
    Holding both ends of a chain while engaging the loose ends can be a problem when the deraillier is pulling on the chain. I solved this problem by taking a piece of spoke about 4" long and bending a section 3/8" long on both ends a little more than 90 deg. To make it easy to find in my tool box I slip a section of cable housing over the wire before I make the bends . To use, hook the ends of the holder over a chain roller about 4-6 links from the ends of the chain. Now the chain can be joined and the pin re-inserted without fighting the deraillier. The device looks like this:




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