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I started building this site on October 30, 1998 and soon realized it was not logically organized so I decided to start over. I'm rolling now but still have lots to do in the image area. My sole purpose in creating this site is to share my interest, experiences, and information on my wheeled vehicles with you. My site is simply presented and easy to navigate-no fancy stuff. After all, my wheels are what you want to see.


I have many bicycles(approximately 50 as of 5/28/99), as well as my two classic cars, and a motorcycle to show you. If you are interested, I have included my bio, a short story, and lots of information with each picture.

Where I'm coming from

I have been fascinated with wheeled vehicles from the time I could crawl and make the sounds of a car. Like most boys, I played with toy cars and other wheeled toys constantly while growing up. In time I graduated to wheeled transport; my first bicycle. This became my focus in wheels until at the age of 16 I bought my first car. A few years later I bought my first motorcycle. Cars and motorcycles became my main interest in wheels for most of my adult life. I own two classic cars and have been active in old car clubs for 35 years. In recent years I re-discovered bicycles which have become a consuming interest in my retirement. This Web Site will give you a glimpse of the wheels of my life. I hope you find them of interest and will let me know what you think of my wheels.


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