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Dayton bikes were built in Dayton, Ohio by the Huffman Manufacturing Co., later to become Huffy. There was an earlier Dayton bicycle manufactured by the Davis Sewing Machine company. I don't know if there was a connection between the two companies. The Dayton bike shown here belongs to my wife who is the original owner. It is especially significant to me because she was riding by my house on this very bike the first time I saw her. 48 years have passed since that day and I hope to see her ride it again after it is restored. The Dayton languished in an old shed for 45 years until I rescued it in 1998. Ol Boomer also came out of the same shed In about 1975. If only I had taken both of them at that time the Dayton would be far less rusty today.

The picture above is obviously of the bike in its present condition. A picture of the restored bike will be added when restoration is completed. This is a very sturdy, and beautifully formed bike. The deeply formed fenders are more like those of a motorcycle than of a bicycle. Luckily it is perfectly straight with no dents or bent members. The fender stays, a vulnerable part, are in perfect condition. The only missing parts are the crank assembly and kickstand. The only damaged parts are the rear reflector and the fender light lens which are plastic.

As of 10/13/99 most of the parts have been purchased to restore the bike. I am replacing all of the moving parts most of which are chrome plated. In addition the seat, bars, pedals, tires, bars, and stem will be replaced. Fortunately Memory Lane Classics had almost everything I needed.

Painting will present the largest challenge in that the bike chassis is in two colors with striping. The wheels are also painted and striped. The painting will be more tedious than technically difficult. To be continued when restored.

NOTE: On 9/27/99, the Huffy co. announced that it is discontinuing manufacture of bicycles in the U.S. citing their inability to be competetive with foreign manufacturers of low cost bicycles.

I hope you enjoyed looking at this bike and I welcome your comments.




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